Patient Testimonials

"I needed help from snoring and waking up in the middle of the night. I was tired all the time and needed to find a solution fast. I found Sleep Solution Doctors while searching for specialists treating sleep apnea patients. I found several verified specialists in my area and made an appointment to see one. After a through consultation I was fitted for a sleep appliance and now I am able to have a restful sleep for eight hours. Thank you Sleep Solution Doctors for helping me find the right doctor!" - M.N. Sherman Oaks, CA


"My wife was suffering from fatigue and we both had trouble sleeping at night due to her snoring. We were concerned about finding a qualified specialist that also accepted our insurance. This site offered a number of pre-screened specialists in our neighborhood that accepted our medical insurance. I was able to view their education, length of experience and the different treatment options available to us. We were able to schedule her appointment quickly and efficiently and she is now being treated by a great specialist in our area." - C.W Los Angeles, CA


"After many years of suffering from headaches and overall fatigue I decided to find a qualified specialist that would be able to resolve my problem. After searching the internet I came upon this terrific website that directed me in the right direction. I saw a very qualified physician that I felt comfortable with close to where I work. Thank you SSD!" - M.H. Los Feliz, CA.


"My number one concern was finding a doctor that I could trust. The Sleep Solution Doctors website was free, easy to use and custom matched me to the right doctor in my area." - S.D. Beverly Hills, CA.


"Snoring had affected my marriage and my life. I was desperate to find a doctor that could easily and effectively help me. SSD quickly matched me with a qualified and experienced doctor and I am on my way to getting the help I need." - W.A. Westwood, CA.


"I am always traveling for work and my schedule is pretty hectic. I needed help with my breathing and snoring problem but never seemed to find the time to find the right doctor. The Sleep Solution website quickly narrowed down my choices based on my needs and I was even able to schedule an appointment to see a doctor the same day!" - G.G. Los Alamitos, CA


"My daughter needed treatment for her sleep apnea treatment but since she was attending college out of town I wanted to find a specialist in her own area. My main concern was finding a qualified individual who was experienced in providing her with the care she needed. This website narrowed down my choices by experience, education and specialty. I was able to confidently arrange a visit to a doctor in her own area." - M.D. San Clemente, CA


"I am not very computer savvy but I found this website to be easy to use and navigate. I was able to find the right doctor in no time!" - J.S. San Bernardino, CA.


"My entire family was on my case to get treatment for my snoring problem. I was always delaying it because I found it hard to find a doctor I would be comfortable with. I found several doctors with the help of this website and finally found the right one. I have made my family very happy." - F.L. La Jolla, CA.


"I am so happy with the doctor that I was able to find on this website; she is not only experienced with treating my apnea but she also has a great personality and makes me feel very comfortable." - L.O. West Los Angeles, CA.


“I used to snore for many years, and my wife eventually found out about Sleep Solution Doctors through an online search. After reading the information on the site, I discovered that my snoring could be a sign of a more serious problem, and not just a nuisance to my wife. I was able to contact a local doctor through Sleep Solution Doctors who has been able to help correct the problem. I wish I would have known about this site sooner. Now I no longer snore or wake up with headaches or a sore throat, I feel better, and my wife is happier too!” -Garrett W., Calabasas, CA


“I found Sleep Solution Doctors on the internet while I was searching for tips on helping my toddler get rid of his nightmares. Not only was I able to find a doctor in my area who specializes in sleep therapy for children, I also found a doctor for myself who deals with Restless Leg Syndrome (which I have been suffering from for years). My son is doing much better, and I have a follow-up appointment for myself this Friday. The doctors I found through Sleep Solution Doctors have truly been a blessing! Highly recommended.” - Aida L., Beverly Hills, CA


“Thank you Sleep Solution Doctors! I couldn’t remember the last time I woke up feeling rested and able to stay alert at work, and I was ALWAYS irritable. I found Sleep Solution Doctors online and found out that I had all the symptoms of a sleep disorder. I contacted a doctor through the Sleep Solution Doctors website and was able to be seen the next morning! After completing a sleep study, it turns out that I have sleep apnea, which I discovered could also be the reason I developed Type II Diabetes. I am now ending my first month of using a CPAP machine, and I feel amazing. Other people have also commented that I seem happier, too.” -Duane R., Los Angeles


“I have been using a CPAP machine for 12 years. Actually, I have been SUPPOSED to be using it for the last 12 years, but I’m not the best patient and have only been using it occasionally. I knew it was important for my health that I take my sleep apnea seriously, but I didn’t like wearing the machine. Through the Sleep Solution Doctors list of doctors, I found a doctor near me who has been supportive in finding alternative treatments to the CPAP machine that I can comply with. It was easy to schedule an appointment through the website, even though it was already after hours. I had a minor in-office procedure 4 months ago, I no longer require the machine, and I feel better than ever.” –Gwendolyn L., Orange County, CA